Google Duplex AI System Now Available in Australia, Canada, and the UK

Australians and Canadians can now enjoy the Duplex AI assistant on their mobile phones. The Duplex AI phone assistant is developed by Google, and it looks like the company wants to expand its boundaries.

The Google AI phone assistant was available only in the United States and New Zealand, but now, Australia and Canada have joined the team. However, we have more news about this next step, thanks to VentureBeat. The company has noticed a support page for the Duplex AI assistant that reveals three new countries added for calls from Duplex.

The Duplex system is complex. The AI assistant can mimic a human voice and make all kinds of reservations. The system can also book you an appointment and find out opening hours for your favorite restaurant or shop.

Google Duplex AI Launched in Australia, Canda, and the UK

The sophisticated Duplex Ai phone assistant was revealed back in 2018 at the annual I/O developer event in May. As you might have guessed, the new system got recognized pretty fast by lots of companies and users. Duplex system comes in aid to companies that don’t have online booking systems, for example. The system also helps people who don’t like speaking on the phone.

There was a downside to the system in the beginning. The Duplex would call someone and not introduce itself as an AI system, which became an ethical issue. However, Google changed that, and now the system lets you know if you are talking to a machine. I can imagine how weird it would be to start chatting with a machine… But the problem is now solved, and people are happy about it.

United Kingdom can enjoy a limited version of the Google Duplex AI system. For now, the user can find out the opening times with the help of the AI voice; however, they can’t use the system to make reservations yet.

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