Google Duo Video Calls To Receive A Quality Boost

Google Duo video chatting app doesn’t feature such a great call quality. However, things are about to change. Google will release a new update next week that will significantly improve the video call quality on the Duo video app.

This achievement is thanks to the new video codec technology. The new codec, named AV1, was produced by Alliance for Open Media. AV1 predecessor is called VP9, and we are happy to see some improvement in this department. The latest codec is able to produce higher data compression rates than the VP9. That’s why AV1 codec will make mobile video calling better as well as streaming TV shows, or improve any other video app.

According to the company, the Google Duo app will use the so-called AV1 codec. The update will be released next week, and it is a great change compared to the call quality the app has at the moment. The company states that the new codec will also enhance the video call stability besides the quality.

More improvements in the next Google Duo update

A better call quality sounds very good; however, Google doesn’t stop here. The company also introduced a new photo mode in its Duo app. The new feature was recently introduced and allows both call parties to capture and then share side-by-side photos.

Google mentioned that the new photo mode will soon be available on the group call; how fun is that? At the moment, only eight people can join a group call; however, the company is looking to increase the number of participants to 12.

The next Google Duo update will be much appreciated, especially during this time of quarantine, when the only way to connect with our friends and relatives is via these types of apps. Due to the COVID-19, apps like Duo and Zoom are fighting to offer the population the best features.

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