Google Chrome: The New 81.0.4044.111 Update is Improving the Browser Even More

Chrome is a browser that doesn’t need any presentation anymore, as it has around 1 billion satisfied users. With highly useful features like instant translation for whole webpages, incognito browsing, synchronizing data and bookmarks across devices, voice search, and much more, Chrome is the best browser available.

A new update is currently rolling out for the numerous Google Chrome users, it has the 81.0.4044.111 version number, and we can now take a good look at what it’s capable of.

What the update brings new

The famous Chrome browser is subscribed for frequent updating from the developers. Now, the 81.0.4044.111 update is bringing stability and performance improvements to the browser. But let’s see, more detailed, what’s new:

  • Secure media: insecure audio and video from secure pages are upgraded automatically towards secure connections.
  • Quieter notifications: You can now see fewer notification requests by selecting a new permission option.
  • SameSite cookies: Cookies are treated as same-site only.

Why use Google Chrome?

If we take a look at the statistics from 2019, Chrome was the most popular browser with usage of 63.80%. It was followed by Safari that had 19.70%, Samsung Internet that had 6.27%, and UC Browser with its 5.33%. The huge gap between the first two positions speaks for itself about how great the Chrome browser can be.

With Chrome, you can arrange the bookmarks bar as you wish, grouping webpages in folders and adding them where you want. You can take advantage of smart personalized recommendations, download content at a fast pace, and many others.

Those willing to get the new Google Chrome update can simply wait for a notification message on their screen and assure that they’re connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. If they don’t have the necessary patience for getting the update via OTA (over the air) channels, they can instead search manually for the APK file.

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