Google Chrome 83.0.4103.106 Update Available With New Tools To Enhance Your Experience On Android

Google Chrome for Android has a wide variety of tools to enhance the experience without having to open a new tab.

Useful Features

That means that Chrome can perform various tasks at a finger’s tap.

A single tap can perform a quick search for a keyword, but a new update appears to have enabled Google Chrome to define the words you highlight.

Google Chrome’s existing “touch to search” feature introduces a bottom bar with a quick description that displays the complete results.

You can highlight words with a single tap, and then Chrome will bring up a dictionary definition, as well as a pronunciation guide.

Pulling up the tab further displays a complete search that embeds, including results from Google’s Knowledge Graph in the same way as before.

Future Of The Feature

It’s unknown yet if the new functionality will keep existing alongside the “touch to search” we are so used to.

Currently, different words display different things. However, some have a more generic description, while others have a detailed, advanced definition.

The new feature somewhat resembles what happens when you highlight a word on a Kindle device.

Also, it’s not yet known how widely the feature is available. Users of Chrome for Android version 83.0.4103.106 reported that the feature is functional.

However, you can toggle on the feature by tapping the flag at chrome://flags/#contextual-search-definitions.

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