God of War 5 Rumors Say That Kratos Might Die

We have all heard the pieces of news: God of War 5 will be back. This video game will be back for us with amazing surprises! The game is under development right now, and all we know is based on rumors and leaks.

This game was released back in 2018, and it was created and published by Sony. The game is so popular, and its audience is full of younger and older players. It is basically a game for pretty much everyone out there!

God of War 5 release date

We just got the info that there will be a sequel for the game. But there is no official statement by Sony with regards to this matter, but we know for sure that God of War 5 is finally happening. We cannot be more excited!

We need to keep in mind that the God of War for PS4 took about four years to be done. But this one will probably not take that long. It should be done in the next two years.

What about Kratos? How will he die?

It is probable that Kratos will not die in the God of War 5. He is the protagonist and one of the most essential characters in the game. If he dies, the game dies. There are so many people that buy the PlayStation console only because of this game. When the release date will be closer, we’d get to understand more about the theme.

Are there new weapons in the God of War 5?

Probably yes. But we do not know for sure, and we’ve only heard rumors. We might get new combat weapons that have incredible powers. The team has a lot of work to do. Until we get the next God of War 5 game, we will keep playing the 4th title in the series.

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