Ghost of Tsushima Will Not Feature a Morality Meter

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most anticipated titles for the PS4 and is shaping up to be a great release. The game is being developed by Sucker Punch, one of Sony’s first-party studios, who is also best known for the Infamous game franchise.

The player will take on the mantle of Jin Sakai, a samurai who faces a daunting challenge as Mongols invade the country. Jin will be forced to pick between the traditions of the samurai and fight with honor but lose the war or abandon them and adopt unconventional tactics that promise a victory.

Ditching the morality meter

One of the ideas taken into account during the early stages of development was a morality meter, similar to the Karma system present in Infamous: Second Son. However, the director of the game decided to scrap the idea as Ghost of Tsushima tells the story of a protagonist who already has an inner code, and who has to learn how to evolve the instead of developing a new one from scratch.

Outgrowing your training

A significant part of the plot is focused on the fact that you are a samurai, trained in the traditions of your ancestors. This infers the existence of some expectations related to the way in which you approach certain events and the way in which they develop.

When an unexpected war comes, some of the assumptions will be challenged, and some of the feedback may not be positive. Changes will be visible during key story moments, and players will have freedom of choice. Jin is not restricted to being a Samurai or a Ghost, he can lean towards one or both of the aspects according to the wishes of the player, and the possible nuances that can be present cannot be featured correctly on a classic morality meter.

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