Get Tons of VC in NBA 2K21 Using This Method

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It was never easier than now to earn tons of VC in NBA 2K21! You can use the following method and get the game’s premium currency in no time at all.

VC is known as a premium currency in NBA 2K21. We can spend it on attributes, cosmetics, and more. While some can use real money to buy VC, you should know that you can earn it via standard gameplay. Here is what you need to know.

Earn VC and Enjoy a New NBA 2K21 Experience

You can earn tons of VC in NBA 2K21 via standard gameplay. Such a thing might leave some NBA 2K21 players wondering about the best and fastest ways to get the in-game currency. The following tips and tricks are incredibly useful for farming VC.

The method for getting a lot of VC in NBA 2K21 focuses on the title’s Blacktop mode, which can be accessed via the Play Now section of the main menu. If you didn’t know, Blacktop is an excellent way of farming VC because this NBA 2K21 game mode comes with some “fast-paced” games, and players should use this as much as possible to maximize their gains. Select only One vs. One and put the Game Conditions to 5 when asked. These settings will keep the game times extremely low.

Next, select your MyPlayer, who can have at least some of the best badges in NBA 2K21 equipped, and find a sub-optimal opponent (one with a low overall rating). Going up against an opponent with an overall, let’s say, below 70, will make it even easier to complete those games fast. The speed is indeed what makes this method of gaining VC so effective. 

To win a game, you must have five points. There is a strategy that you might find useful.

Win Strategy

To win five points in a game is very easy. Take the ball far back, almost to half court, and then speed boost past your opponent and straight to the rim. That’s where the opponent’s low overall rating comes into play. 

The total amount of VC that you can earn is 200. You can always select Rematch and jump right back into action, keeping the VC coming real fast.

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