Get Started in GTA Online With These Handy Tips

GTA V is one of the most celebrated games of all time, and Epic Games Store’s offer to get it for free last week was well received by players from all over the world.

The story mode offers thrilling stories and lots of things to do, but you shouldn’t neglect the GTA Online Mode, which comes with even more stuff to do and the ability to play with your friends.  It may seem a bit daunting at first to use the convenient tips found below to enjoy a great start.

Complete the GTA Online tutorial

Playing the mandatory tutorial section is easy, and you should be able to launch it after completing the prologue for the story mode. It can be accessed by opening the pause menu navigating to the Online option and selecting the Play GTA Online option. A character creator section will let you customize your character before the tutorial section begins.

Obtain a great car for free

There are lots of vehicles that can be purchased in GTA Online, but one of the best cars in the game can be had for the humble task of spending a few minutes to register on the Rockstar Social Club. Complete this action, and you will receive the speedy Elegy RH8, an awesome sports car that is also great for racing. It is advised to spend some of your early profits on Loss/Theft Prevention to keep your new wheels in the case that other players want to grab the for a ride. Investing in an affordable garage is a solid idea, and some of the cheapest ones can be unlocked for $25,000.

Store your cash at ATMs

As any veteran player can tell you, the Online mode is filled with other players who are more than willing to shoot you down for some quick bucks. From time to time, you will earn money from a large number of activities and missions, and it is a great idea to store your cash for safe-keeping. Visit the Maze Bank on your in-game smartphone and make a deposit or hit one of the many ATMs found in Blaine County.

Grab a chopper

Blaine County is nice but also big, and a chopper will let you get from one place to another without wasting time on travel. Buying one is possible but quite expensive as the cheapest model comes with a $780,000 price tag. However, take a trip to the Los Santos International Airport, and you may find one which is parked close to the flight school. Use your skills to jump over the fence and take the bird up into the skies.

Participate in weekly events

A large number of limited-time events will take place each week, offering double Respect Points and double cash rewards. Those who participate in the events are also eligible for several weekly discounts on great vehicles and properties.

 Be a team player

Players who join and help other players during jobs without attempting cheap tricks like stealing their cards will receive a Good Sport Prize, which is converted into bonus Respect Points or Cash.

Engage in story missions

GTA Online comes with a large selection of deathmatch and racing game modes, but at some point, they may become a bit tiring. You may want to try something fresher and several NPCs from the story mode, including Lamar, Gerald, and Simeon Yetarion, have you gathered with something that you can do for them, and they will give something to you as a reward. Most of them are small robberies that can be completed easily and reward cash and Job or Respect Points. You can view the Mission List from the pause menu.

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