Get Ready For a Huge Xbox Game Pass Announcement This Month

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This month (August) has seen some pretty big announcements made for Xbox Game Pass, but rumor has it, we should get ready for more soon. 

Xbox Game Pass has evolved a lot since Microsoft first launched it three years ago, and with the next-gen console about to arrive in a few months, it’s bound to continue evolving. The company made public some of its plans for that development, detailing how Project xCloud will introduce cloud-based streaming to Game Pass soon.

More Microsoft plans, projects, and services are waiting to be announced. Here is what you need to know.

What to Expect From Microsoft This Month

This month (August) has long been pegged as the most reasonable time for Microsoft to release the last key announcements regarding its projects and plans for the Xbox platform ahead of the huge XSX’s launch event. 

There’s also been much speculation as to what it could announce this month. And with how much Microsoft has been pushing Game Pass, a lot of that consideration has guessed at all sorts of massive changes that could arrive at the subscription service. 

Jeff Grubb, a Venture Beat reporter, has chimed in on a handful of few Xbox-related speculations, and he did so once again in response to the news that Microsoft has canceled its plans for Xbox 20/20. Grubb said that Xbox fans should expect to see “yet another big reason to get Game Pass in the 2-to-3 weeks.”

Grubb didn’t say what the big reason is, but he did offer an idea of what it won’t be, stating that “not any specific game or anything like that.” He also said that the next Cyperbunk 2077 wouldn’t be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch. 

Grubb’s announcement could be practically about anything, but it might have something to do with Xbox Live. Rumor has it that Xbox Live might be merged with Game Pass. And while Microsoft has stated that it doesn’t intend to change up Xbox Live Gold, anything is possible.

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