Garena Free Fire’s Rampage 2: Uprising Elite Pass Latest Details and Features

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Garena Free Fire’s newest Elite Pass is a fantastic sequel of the hugely praised Rampage pass. In Rampage II, the world of Free Fire is believed to hang in the balance as two rival factions, the Liberi and the Bringers. As always, there is a lot of stuff to dig in, so we’ve gathered all the details that you should know. 

The Bringers vs. The Liberi: What Should You Choose

One of Uprising’s most prominent draws is getting to choose which faction to join via a unique in-game interface. You’ll then need to prove your skills and loyalty by accepting missions, challenges, and collecting all-important Carnage Points. Though you’re not really acting selflessly, putting in the work for your desired side can get you a lot of neat rewards, such as a range of M101-Apocalyptic legendary weapon skins, the Famine Felon collection, Bringer’s and Liberi’s pins, and more. 

The latest Liberi and Bringers skins will maintain a similar look to what’s seen before, with an energetic and, according to the team, avant-garde twist. According to one of Free Fire’s narrative designers, there will be four new characters, Morana (death), Cyan (plague), Odin (war), and Bitez (famine). They will become the Liberi and the apprentices of Dee (death), Ivy (plague), Tyrian (war), and Munch (famine), the Bringers of Change.

Given that, the developers worked to create the cast and further draw the chaotic world that those fighters live. 

Pre-hype, Peak Day, and the Post-hype 

Rampage II: Uprising will introduce a varied selection of pre-hype, peak day, and post-hype events. These include the Badge Collection Event, the Rampage Special Interface, and a themed badge available only on the peak day. 

This time, the peak day will take place on July 4, and we should expect four different events. Aftermath, Drop will arrive as exclusive to peak day and offers you the chance to get a constant UMP: Cataclysm or Weapon Loot Crate at the final of every match played. 

Moreover, Plant Map Drop will be available from July 4 to July 5 and see you interacting with many plants scattered around the map, dropping lots of unique tokens. 

Then you have the Rampage 2.0 game mode that revolves around new stronghold gameplay that needs you to capture and hold one of three points on the map. And you have to do all of that while ducking it out to become the best Rampage Warrior. If you’re a battle royale enthusiast, you can find Garena Free Fire on the Google Play Store or App Store. 

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