Garena Free Fire — The Best Assault Rifles In The Game

Back in 2019, Garena released one of its biggest titles so far, the Free Fire game. It has reached over 450 million registered players, according to November 2019 stats. Free Fire opens as a 50-player world of gaming, in which users begin their adventure immediately after a drop-out, followed by a parachute landing on an island.

They have to search for any equipment necessary for surviving and weapons to fight off the other users. The game allows you to pick any position you like, chose whatever gun you find it more useful, and take supplies for enhancing the fight life.

As you might see, weaponry is essential, along with the best strategies and fantastic skills. Of course, the list of guns can be too long, but you should consider the Assault Rifles first. They’re more useful from a short-range fight to a mid-range one. Also, the recoil, the damage will be maximized with an AR. So, what should you choose?

The Best Assault Rifles In Garena Free Fire


Groza comes as one of the most powerful assault guns, providing you lesser recoil. It is also one of the firearms Free Fire has ever introduced due to its long-range rifle, and damage. Groza has a single drawback that it requires a little bit longer period to reload.


AK47 is precisely what you expected. An assault rifle which creates colossal damage in Free Fire. Its bullet range is quite impressive, being very high, and the damage is massive. AK has a fantastic recoil, but if you can handle it at its best, you can bring destruction upon other players.


FAMAS resembles another great gun, the SCAR, but at a more impressive rate. This assault rifle performs in burst mode, meaning it fires three bullets immediately, turns it into a deadly gun. It has a high range, and it is very recommended when you want to burst a vehicle in Garena Free Fire.

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