Garena Free Fire Special Event for Its Users Offering Incredible Prizes

The Spine Punk event was recently introduced for Garena Free Fire players. The event has started on the 9th of May and will continue until the 18th of May. During this special says, the players will get the chance to collect both Purple and Blue tokens, which will automatically bring them special rewards during the gameplay. Therefore, in this article, you will find out the most resourceful methods in which you can acquire the impressive prizes.

To collect the Blue Skulls, users need to access the Airship Drop in the Free Fire game. In the meantime, the Purple Skulls can be obtained while accessing the Map Drop. Therefore, here you can find a complete guide that will enable any player to collect Blue and Purple Skulls effectively.

During the game, users need to wait for the Airship drop to come. Then, all they need to do is to find the location in which the loot box is dropped. That area is full of Blue Skulls, which can be picked by any player that is in that location. After the game ends, users can exchange their Blue Skulls with the event rewards. However, remember that there is a limit. Each player can collect a maximum of 10 skulls at a time.

The Purple Skulls will only be available for two days during the event, which is the 17th and the 18th of May, contrary to the Blue Skulls that are available all the time. Nonetheless, users need to follow the same steps to acquire the Purple Skulls and then exchange them for a series of interesting rewards. All you need to do is to wait until the 17th when the Purple Skulls are available. Otherwise, there is no other option to collect them throughout the event.

The players will be able to exchange their prizes for items such as Evolution Stone, Spikey Spine Loot Crate, Punkstar, Neon Ridges, Deadly Bat Weapon Loot Crate, and Evolution Stone.

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