Garena Free Fire Celebrates Women’s Day With a New Event This Weekend

Garena Free Fire has remained a popular title among many users who love a fast-paced battle royale experience on their mobile devices. The developers of the title decided to surprise the girls and women who enjoy the game with a new special event that has a Women’s Day theme.

Many players will love the fact that a selection of rewards can be unlocked for free by merely playing the game. Those who enter a match on March 8 will receive the Pink Guardian Head. Skilled players who manage to get five kills in a single ranked match will also receive an M-60 Pink Devil skin.

New Women’s Day Event in Garena Free Fire

A limited daily calendar will also offer some sweet items. The Day 1 reward is a Gold Royale Voucher, while the Day 2 reward is a Pink Devil Skin for the Scar. Come back on Day 3 and 4 to collect a Weapon Royale Voucher and a Pink Devil Skin for M79. The final reward is a Pink Devil Weapon Loot Crate, available on Day 5. The calendar is active between March 4 and March 10.

The game comes with a rich selection of features that have made it a hit among the player. Fifty players will enter the fray and wage battle in an attempt to become the last one standing. Matches end if only one player remains alive or if 10 minutes have passed, which is excellent when you have to go somewhere but don’t want to quit the game.

Players can face rivals alone or in squads of up to four people. The built-in voice chat features offer the ability to interact with your teammates and coordinate devastating attacks that will take your enemies by surprise. Take a break from the battle royale mode and enjoy the intense 4vs4 Clash Squad mode to showcase your skill. New events will be added in the future in Garena Free Fire.

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