Galaxy S20 Leak — Display Has a 60Hz Default Setting, But Can Be Changed to 120Hz

The incoming Samsung Galaxy S20 will have the default 60Hz setting for its display, but it can be manually changed to 120Hz for those that want to enjoy a smoother experience.

Just last week, prominent leaker Ice Universe stated that the Galaxy S20’s 120Hz display would come with some caveats:

It can now be said with certainty that Samsung has canceled the WQHD 120Hz option of the Galaxy S20 series, leaving only FHD 60Hz, FHD 120Hz, WQHD 60Hz. This means that we can’t have the best resolution and the best refresh rate at the same time. What is your opinion on this?” – source Twitter.

Now, we have another information directly from XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach, who explains that the Galaxy S20 series smartphones will come with 60Hz by default:

Out of the box, S20s will be set to 60hz, not 120hz.” – source Twitter.

Changing the Refresh Rate – Choosing Between Battery Life and Smoothness

How can you manually adjust the display refresh rate on a Galaxy S20? For those that will buy the S20 and want to manually change the display refresh rate to 120hz on their devices, they will have to go to the phone’s Settings.

It’s not shocking to see the Galaxy S20 will come with a default 60hz considering other phones that offer 120hz are also released with 60hz chosen as the default option – think of ASUS ROG Phone 2. Nonetheless, the Pixel 4 and the Fluid AMOLED displays in the OnePlus phones do come with the highest display refresh rate enabled – 90Hz.

Samsung’s move on setting 60hz as a default could be a smart move since the option will allow a longer battery life at the expense of less smoothness. The same thing applies to the current flagships from Samsung, which have the default setting to Full HD+ resolution instead of the Quad HD+ setting.

Other Galaxy S20 Leaks: Stainless Steel Frame, 108 MP Main Camera

Another statement from Weinbach on the incoming Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus is that they will come with a stainless steel frame and not an aluminum one. The high-end Galaxy S20 model will also feature a 108MP primary camera and a 40MP front-facing camera.

We won’t have to wait too long to look at the official specs since the Galaxy S20 line is expected to be announced next month at the Samsung Unpacked event.


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