Free Netflix Download: Download Netflix Videos – Scam or Not?

Netflix is, by far, the most popular online streaming service in the world. And that’s no surprise since it sports hundreds of movies, thousands of TV series episodes, and so on. But, how to download Netflix videos on Windows 10? Well, there is an application called Free Netflix Download. The name says everything you need to know. But is it reliable or just another scam?

If you are a Netflix subscriber, then you asked yourself, at least one time, how to watch Netflix videos offline whenever you want. Well, Netflix allows users to take down specific movies and TV series episodes, but many of them are impossible to download because the platform doesn’t permit it.

With Free Netflix Downloader, users can download Netflix videos and enjoy them whenever they want, or at least that’s what the devs say. Even though there is a free version, it is quite limited, and the premium version of the application costs $12.99. Let’s see if it’s a scam or not.

Scam or Not – Free Netflix Download to Download Netflix Videos

The application comes with a clean interface, and that’s a significant advantage. It’s straightforward to use, and it only needs a Netflix video link to start downloading the respective movie or TV series episode.

Free Netflix Download doesn’t need anything else from you, no additional configuration or anything. However, it’s not able to download every content on Netflix, and that’s a considerable disadvantage of this app. We don’t know if that’s a temporary glitch in the downloader, but many users reported the same issue.

As FreeGrabApp, the devs of the Windows 10 app, say, Free Netflix Download works as simple as this: Copy Netflix video URL and paste into the app -> Click the Download button. And that’s it! The app should download Netflix videos soon. However, it seems that the app is not always working, so we don’t recommend you buy it.

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