Fortnite’s Lazy Lake Red Flag Alert

How do we know things are about to go down in Fortnite? The new service in Lazy Lake could mean that problems are going to follow soon. The quite town looks very calm at the moment; however, with the addition of No Sweat Insurance service, things are about to get crazy. Sooner or later, the town won’t be so quiet anymore.

Looking back into the history of the online video game, we can see why the new office could become a trouble. Usually, when they open an office, it means that a disaster is about to come. Lazy Lake is no longer a safe town.

Let’s go back to the Fortnite Chapter 1 when the first office opened. What disasters happen back then? The Tilted Tower was the focus of many incidents and accidents. However, thanks to No Sweat Insurance, the local businesses got some help. The unfortunate events didn’t destroy everything.

However, when the volcano erupted, it was the end of the Tilted Towers. It seemed like all buildings were destroyed; however, not the No Sweat Insurance. The No Sweat Insurance provided players with safety.

No Sweat Insurance

With the reintroduce on the No Sweat Insurance, we expect to see another catastrophe hitting the online video game. We feel excited to see what will happen to the Lazy Lake town. Things are about to get crazy very soon. No Sweat Insurance is a big red flag, and players should prepare themselves.

But this time, it looks like No Sweat Insurance could mean an even bigger problem than the first time it appeared in the game. Why? No Sweat Insurance appears almost everywhere on the map. The red flag is turning into red flags. The threat is real. Although the season is going to end on June 4, developers are preparing something explosive for the game.

There is only a matter of time until the unfortunate will happen. We expect it to start in a few weeks.

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