Fortnite will be a launch title for the next generation of consoles

PUBG might have brought the battle royale genre into the limelight, but the crown was stolen by Fortnite, which remains the most popular battle royale game in the world, with millions of active players.

The hit title offers an exhilarating gameplay experience as it blends the strategy of a battle royale game with the need to construct improvised walls, buildings, and paths on the fly as enemies descend upon you with the one goal of taking you out.

A popular experience

Fortnite has been released across several platforms, including Windows PCs, the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and select smartphone models. Many players have enjoyed the cartoony graphics and fun gameplay, and the game will make the jump to the next generation of consoles as well.

Epic Games, the developer, and publisher behind the game has announced that Fortnite will be one of the launch titles for the Xbox Series X and the PS5, which means that gamers who opt to purchase one of the devices when they become available will have the option to enjoy the game without the need to wait for a long time.

New looks

It is worth noting that the next generation version will not be a completely new one, as the game will be optimized to harness the power provided by the fresh hardware. The new components which are present on the next-generation console will allow the developers to improve the graphics of the game and boost performance, with a higher FPS target being the main priority.

Current players do not need to worry about losing valuable progress as Epic has stated that cross-progression support will be offered, and items will be transferred if they decide to opt for one of the upcoming consoles. Crossplay will also be available, allowing players to play together with their friends despite platform differences.

More details will be revealed in the future.

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