Fortnite Update 12.30 Patch Notes – Kingman Umbrella, Bug Fixes, and More

With the ongoing pandemic practically forcing many of us to stay safe at home, game developers are working to lend a hand in the process. Staying at home is far more enjoyable when you have your favorite games at your disposal, especially when we’re talking about a title like Fortnite.

Having around 250 million players, Fortnite is an insanely popular battle royale game, and it’s expected to become even more popular. The fans are now free to download the 12.30 update for PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Let’s see what the update has to offer:

Crash Pad and the Kingsman Umbrella

These two gadgets are able of providing significant help for the Fortnite players. The Kingsman Umbrella is an item classified as Legendary that can serve as a shield for when bullets are approaching you. The Crash Pad is a mobile trampoline that prevents damaging if the player falls.

Bug Fixes

General Issues

  • Corrected the tournament scores that presented themselves as incorrect in the lobby and during match.

Battle Royale Issues

  • The Harpoon Gun will now successfully catch loot in a consistent way.
  • Fixed the issue that was causing players to not pick up items with Auto Pick Up.
  • The Deadpool Plunger has now become visible for all players.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the “Select Tech” screen, while in the Spy Games mode .
  • Style selections for some Locker items can now be saved.

Creative Issues

  • Copied Billboards will now save the settings the copy.
  • When using pre-assigned buttons, mobile players will now be able for interacting with the Quick Menu

Save the World Issues

  • Defender eliminations are no longer counting towards player quest credit. Defenders will work with players instead of working against them.
  • High levels of Love Lobbers will start spawning. For some situations, anecdotal reports indicate 4-8 Lobbers at a time.
  • Love Lobbers are dealing more damage than planned when it comes to player built structures.
  • Cosmetics will now load as initially planned when a player gets in a mission.

Mobile Issues

  • Fixed issues that displayed shadows and textures appearing black.
  • A black bar that displayed on the left hand side of the screen on Note 10+ devices should be removed.

The new update weighs between 1.8GB and 3.19GB, depending very much on the platform. It has more to offer than what this article is presenting, so it’s a good idea to test it for yourself.

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