Fortnite Season 3 Rapid’s Rest: Find the Location Quickly

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A task in Week 7 of Fortnite Season 3 asks players to gather materials at Rapid’s Rest, an unmarked and very hard to find location.

A new week means that there are new challenges to accept in Fortnite, and this week has a specific task associated with an area on the map that isn’t a titled location. Even if Rapid’s Rest isn’t labeled on Fortnite’s map, it’s actually easy to find it, and players most likely have been accessing the area many times without realizing it. If you’re curious to find out what’s the real deal with Rapid’s Rest, here is what you need to know.

Find Rapid’s Rest and Collect All the Materials

Of the Week 7 Challenges that Season 3 in Chapter 2 of Fortnite brings, only one task demands players to go to an unnamed area on the map. The other tasks are rather straightforward, including challenges such as gaining health or shields from Slurpy Swamp, collecting floating rings at Weeping Woods, or finding yarn balls at Catty Corner, one of the new locations for Fortnite Season 3. Finding where the Catty Corner is will help players locate Rapid’s Rest as they’re rather pretty close to each other. 

Epic Games always loved to introduce hard to find secrets in the game, but Rapid’s Rest is not hard to locate at all. Looking at the map, players will want to mark to the right of Lazy Lake, south of the bridge. 

Rapid’s Rest is a small location right on the river with a campsite, some rowboats, and a boat that players can use to travel up the river. Locating Rapid’s Rest might be more of a challenge than the actual thing players have to do. Upon finding the unmarked area, players will need to gather 300 stone materials from the massive rocks. It’s better to do such a thing in the Team Rumble game mode. 

The location will be crowded with other players attempting to complete the challenge, but there are many rocks to break at Rapid’s Rest.  

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