Fortnite Announces Shark Week Party Royale Event

fortnite shark week

A new theme is being introduced to the Fortnite Party Royale Mode. Players will get an exclusive look at Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Fortnite has surprised us with lots of cool events and challenges. With Party Royale Mode launched earlier this year, players got to see a new side to the Epic Games work without weapons and building material we usually associate with it. 

Now, Fortnite is bringing an exclusive premiere to the game’s screens. Here is what you need to know. 

Fortnite Teams Up With Discovery For the Latest Event

With the most recent Party Royale Mode that we can enjoy in Fortnite, there are lots of movies, documentaries, and other entertainment types that have been introduced through the platform. 

From hosting a We The People US voting informational conversation to a concert put on by Diplo, we have had a lot of content to enjoy. Now, a new collaboration has been announced, and things are about to get splashy. 

Fortnite announced on Twitter the latest addition to the viewing series of Party Royale Mode. According to the devs, we will be able to watch an exclusive early premiere Tiger Shark King. The special episode, which is a part of the Shark Week series on the popular channel Discovery, will air on August 10 at 2 PM ET on the Party Royale Mode’s Big Screen. 

Shark Week will be launching on August 9 on the Discovery Channel, but this special episode will be added to the Fortnite screen before anywhere else. 

Fortnite will also make available other screenings. Starting this Saturday (August 8), for instance, we can watch an ESPN: 8: The Ocho marathon, which will present sports outside the mainstream. 

The Party Royale Mode has brought an intriguing side to Fortnite. We get the chance to enjoy a lot of educational and entertaining content. Fortnite is now available on PC, mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. 

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