Fix TikTok ‘Not Uploading Videos’ Error

TikTok is one of the most used online platforms these days, having amongst the most downloads on Google Store. Because so many people are using this application at the same time, sometimes the app can crash, and therefore the videos cannot be uploaded anymore. Here is how to fix this issue.

Fix TikTok ‘Not Uploading Videos’ Error

First, check the Internet connection on the device that you are using in case you have turned off the Wi-Fi. In other cases, the Wi-Fi router can just lose its Internet connection, and all you need to do to solve this issue is to restart it.

Should you be using mobile data, the only thing that you can do is to wait for more than usual to upload the video. Moreover, when uploading a video without a watermark, the TikTok policy states that you are banned for a limited period. This can be easily found out while accessing the Settings menu.

Sometimes the problem might occur because the TikTok is overused, and many people are at the same time accessing its content. What you can do here to make sure that this is the problem is to contact your friends to see if they are experiencing the same issues. Then, you can contact the support department to gather more information regarding this problem and google this issue to see the opinions of others. While you do this, the app will start rolling again without any problem.

Another issue that might occur is that your application is not upgraded to the latest version available. This impediment is easy to solve since all you need to do is to check the app store for any recently added upgrades and install the new features. In addition to this, you can always uninstall the TikTok app and re-install it to make sure that there are no corrupted files.

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