Fix “The System Cannot Find File” Issue On Windows 10

If the system can’t find the file specified and we try to copy the data that is stored on a hard drive, an error pops-up. As annoying as it might be, it’s even worse when we can’t find a fix. There are some reasons for such an issue on Windows 10.

Either there are system files that are missing or corrupted, false or incorrect file details, a disk failure for specific software that might be damaged, and many others. Luckily, there are some ways to fix the issue once for all. The following tips and tricks work for Windows 10.

How To Fix “The System Cannot Find File” Issue

Method 1: Check for Updates

Start by pressing the Windows Key+I and access the Settings Page. Click on Update and Security, and choose the Updates feature. If there are available updates, you’ll have to install them on your computer.

Method 2: Update the Drivers With Snail Suite

Some driver issues might be the cause of the error. Old drivers must be updated regularly. You can reinstall them from the Device Manager or use a third-party tool. Snail Suite is a quick and efficient choice.

Download and install the Snail Suite. Click on the gear icon and search for the Scan button. You must scan the outdated drivers, and then choose the one you want to update.

Method 3: Update the Hard Disk Driver

A hard disk update means a fast way to solve “The System Cannot Find File” error. Other disk-related issues can be fixed, as well.

Go to My Computer and Right Click on it to access the Properties. Click on Device Manager and Expand the Disk Drives. Click on Update Drivers from there.

Method 4: Use Powershell

Search for Powershell in the search bar of Windows 10. Click on Run as Administrator. When the Powershell windows open, type “SFC/scannow” and press Enter. The System File checker utility will guide you until you finish the scan. Restart the computer, and the error will be solved.

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