Fix iPhone 11 Not Ringing Issue In A Few Steps

If you miss lots of phone calls because your iPhone 11 doesn’t ring anymore, there are plenty of fixes to try. Also, you don’t have to worry as more users encounter such a problem lately. As annoying as it can be, the issue is confusing, too.

You make sure the ringer is on, and then you can’t hear a sound when it rings. The following tricks and tips might help you right away, but if you still encounter such a problem, dont forget that you can request support from Apple!

Hot Fix the iPhone 11 Not Ringing Issue

Toggle the Ring/Silent Switch Button

Of course, it seems like the easiest things to do, and you’ve done like hundreds of times before. But, you should always check twice to see if you switched it correctly. If the button is in the silent state, switch it to the ring state.

Try Volume Up on your iPhone 11

Try to volume up your iPhone to the highest level and then ask someone to call you. To increase the volume, you have to unlock your device first. Then, press the plus button on your iPhone’s side until you notice the volume hitting the maximum level.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is an efficient feature. It won’t let the device to disturb you if you’re in a meeting or you want some rest. If you turn on Do Not Disturb, your phone won’t ring anymore, but it still lets the phone calls to come in. In some cases, you might accidentally activate the feature without even noticing.

You can check by looking to the top-left side of your device screen. If you see the moon icon, then the Do Not Disturb feature is on. Disable it by accessing the Control Center – swipe up from any part of your display. Then tap the moon icon to deactivate it.

You can also try accessing the Settings. Maybe you have activated the Schedule on Do Not Disturb. Open Settings and look for the Do Not Disturb feature. Check if the button next to Schedule is on. If it does look like that, turn it off. The Manually section should also be turned off.
You might as well try changing the ringtone, disable the LTE, or restarting your iPhone.

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