Fix Facebook Error Code 2 for iPhones – Best Methods

Everybody is on Facebook these days, and if you don’t have an account yet, you should definitely get one. You never know when you need to see what your co-workers post, who is your ex-girlfriend talking to, what are the latest news and trends in groups, and so on. But Facebook gets even more exciting when you are using the afferent app on your smartphone.

Whether we like it or not, any app can get some nasty errors and bugs. The same goes for the Facebook app itself for iPhones. Although the iOS users had been using the app with great joy in the past, now they are confronting with the pesky Error Code 2 that doesn’t allow them to connect to Facebook anymore. However, if you are among them, you should try these following solutions in any order, and at least one of them should fix the error for you:

Check your connection

You should switch the network, like from Wi-Fi connection to a cellular data one and vice versa. A bad connection can cause an annoying error to happen.

Check the Firewall

Yes, Firewall is, in general, a good thing to have on a PC and phone, but it can cause you some undesired effects as well. One of them is the Facebook Error 2 code. The Firewall usually blocks the connection to the Facebook server. Therefore, turn off or disable the Firewall to see if the problem is solved.

Check Facebook server

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the Facebook server itself since the problem can be solved much easier than you’ve expected. The server of the social network behemoth sometimes just gets down for the count. It’s only the developers’ fault, so all you can do is go for one of the wisest solutions ever: have patience. The problem should be solved by itself if it comes from the Facebook server.

Hopefully, these advices were helpful for you. Let us know in a comment if you solved the problem.

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