Five Planets Will be Visible Simultaneously on The Night Sky Soon

Staring at the night sky’s beauty while it’s loaded with stars is such a relaxing activity for many of us. It can also remind us how full of wonders the Universe is, and how much there still is to explore.

But not all those sparkling blue dots visible on the night sky are stars. They could also be constellations, entire galaxies, or even planets from our own solar system. Not everybody knows that several planets like Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn can all participate in a majestic celestial show at the same time.

Prepare your tickets for July 19

In only less than a week, the above-mentioned planets, along with the crescent moon, will delight our views as they’ll be sharing the same cosmic scene. On July 19 and 45 minutes before sunrise, you’ll have the privilege to spot them all on the night sky. There’s no use for a telescope, either.

Astronomy educator Dr. Jeffrey Hunt confirms the news on his blog by saying:

Forty-five minutes before sunrise, the crescent moon and five planets are visible curved across the morning sky on July 19, 2020. Find a spot with clear horizons in the east-northeast and the southwest. A binocular may help finding the moon, Mercury, and Jupiter.

It’s not difficult at all to understand which planet is which. Two hours before the sunrise, Jupiter will be entering the cosmic scene in the southwestern sky along with Saturn, which is positioned above and to the right. Mars will be making its entrance in the southeastern horizon. Venus emerges in the eastern sky, while Mercury will be located to the right of the moon. Hopefully, there’s no need to explain how to detect our natural satellite.

Therefore, you better cancel any other planned events for July 19. The celestial show awaits, and it’s totally worth attending.

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