Firefox Browser Apk Version 80.1.2 Improves Safety And Reliability

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers for computers and Android devices alike.

The browser is quick, reliable, and the multitude of features it offers helped it gain popularity among other browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Firefox for Android is an app like any other, so it receives occasional updates, as it just happened – A new update was released for it!

Current Version

The app has reached version 80.1.2.

As you can tell, it receives updates very often because the developers are careful about what they offer their customers and fans.

Here is what the latest patch notes say:

“Introducing our latest release of Firefox for Android — Firefox Daylight, dramatically redesigned to be faster, easy to use, customizable, and private.

– Enhanced Tracking Protection on by default

– Open as many tabs as you like and organize them into Collections

– Get to Private Browsing Mode with just one tap

– Ergonomic browsing with the bottom nav bar

– Switch to Dark Mode

– Video multitasking with Picture-in-Picture mode

– Powered by the independent GeckoView engine.”

As you can see, the new update introduces a plethora of functions and modes that should enhance the browsing experience.

We recommend keeping auto-updates enabled so that your Android device takes care of keeping Firefox up to date at all times.

It would help if you avoided installing updates from third-party app markets because the apps usually aren’t verified, so you are putting your device’s security (and thus yours, too) at risk.

Google Play is the best source of apps and updates, as the apps get verified occasionally, and user feedback is vital!

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