Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pre-Orders Postponed By Amazon

Lots of fans’ plans of pre-ordering Final Fantasy 7 Remake were crashed, as Amazon released the latest announcement. Those who had sent pre-order requests were disappointing to notice Amazon pushed the pre-orders back. The message about the delay of the pre-orders on the website displayed a “New estimated delivery date,” which now is “Not yet available. We’ll email you as soon as available.”

Fans were expecting the delivery somewhere close to the launch date of April 10. The coronavirus outbreak has ceased many companies’ plans, including Amazon. Amazon isn’t also taking new inventory from merchants unless it matches a requested and significant category.

The e-commerce company has started to limit its shipments to only necessary stuff, such as “household staples and medical supplies.” The new rules taken are for a short period until the coronavirus crisis ends.

Amazon’s Decision To Postpone Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pre-Orders

For the vendors, the e-commerce giant has announced that they would encounter “reduced purchase orders” as they have been put on a temporary pause for all their non-necessary products until April 5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has fallen, of course, in the non-necessary category. Due to which shipment will be postponed as per the latest announcement. It’s somehow normal on the side of the brand to release such rules to protect people.

Fans who wanted to get their hands on the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake installment have also started receiving emails about the postponement. No new date has been announced or confirmed. Such a decision to modify in policy will bring a more extensive influence on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition pre-orders.

The impact will be more significant than on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Standard Edition pre-orders. Emails have been sent first for those who chose a Deluxe Edition pre-order. Amazon announced the launch date for the game is still scheduled for April 10.

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