Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo on PC and PS5 Reportedly Leaked

When you first think about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you believe and know that the game was developed only for PlayStation 4. Rumors are saying now otherwise because it seems that the game will also come for PCs and the future PlayStation 5. The leak is also revealing details about Final Fantasy 7 remake, and by the look at that, the probability of having the game on PC is possible. Besides this, the game will come with a lot of new features.

From what we know by now, it seems that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come with new features and changing that will not be compatible with the actual console, the PS4. This means that the game will be much more suitable for PS5. Besides this, the remake of the game is bringing a new costume and even Cloud Strife character.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo on PC and PS5 Leaked Online

The source that revealed the details of the game also showed a demo. And the demo didn’t escape unanalyzed by experts from the domain. We have roXyPS3’s opinion, which says that the original code game contains, at the same time, a PC code inside. Also, the options and settings of the game are beyond PS4’s capacity to render this kind of play.

Then, this means that very soon (we hope), the company behind Final Fantasy 7 remake, Square Enix will launch the PC version of the game. The hardware that will support this remake is Nvidia and AMD, so it is more and more apparent that in the console department, we can talk about the future PS5. As we know by now, PS5 will come to the general public at the end of this year during the Holiday season. Then it is probably to see Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the same time.

Finally, take note that the inspiration for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming from the original game from 1997. If you know and played that version, you will see a lot of scenes from the game. One example is the remake of the Cloud Strife wearing a dress and trying to save Tifa, her love. Moreover, the owners of PS4 will be glad to know that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is launching on March 2, 2020.

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