Final Fantasy 7 Remake Copies Leaked On Shelves Before The Official Launch

final fantasy 7 remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an action game where players have several roles. The game has its origins back in 1997 when the broad public showed an increasingly high interest in the fantasy world of the plot. The developers, Square Enix, are planning on releasing a series for this game.

The first one is scheduled for April 10, 2020. The version is going to be available for PlayStation 4 and a timed exclusivity of twelve months.

The remake was the result of years of persuasion from the fans. The most influential people in the making of the first game are now collaborating on a whole new series: Tetsuya Nomura, director and character designer, Yoshinori Kitase, producer, Kazushige Nojima, as a writer and Kazushige Nobuo Uematsu as the music composer.

A Store Leaked Final Fantasy 7 Remake Copies

Final Fantasy 7 Remake tells the story of Cloud Strife again. He is a former Shira soldier, who is now part of AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE is an eco-terrorist group whose aim is to destroy the Shinra Corporation. The company has been producing dangers to humanity and draining the energy out of the planet.

Back in 2014, rumors regarding the appearance of a new game have started. In 2015, the producers announced during the conference on PlayStation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that they are planning on releasing a new game. The YouTube release of the trailer has gained over 10 million views in only two weeks.

At the moment, most of the world is being forced to stay isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, leaked releases on PlayStation 4 may have found a strange time to appear.

Several Blu-ray copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake have already appeared online, even though the release date is going to be in approximately two weeks. Therefore, if you do not wish to know anything regarding the sensitive information of the game, take care because spoilers have already started to appear.

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