Fallout 76 Update 21 Details: New Missions, Events, Bug Fixes, and More

fallout 76 update

The update 21 is out today for Fallout 76, introducing all new events, missions, and lots of bug fixes. 

The recent update is now available, and it adds a massive amount of content to the game, and the requisite bug fixes expected in patches to ongoing titles. 

Bethesda has also published the patch notes for Fallout 76’s update 21, also known as version Here is what you need to know.

Fallout 76 Update 21 Details: What to Expect

Now that the update 21 is available, Bethesda has published the patch notes so we can take a look at what’s new. Lots of new additions and events to the game have been updated, such as the hotly anticipated Brotherhood of Steel event. The event allows players across the community to join forces and give the notorious faction a foothold in Appalachia. 

According to Bethesda’s official statements, the new events, Fortifying ATLAS and A Colossal Problem, and the return of Meat Week, are the biggest additions coming to update 21. 

However, only the Fortifying ATLAS event will be live when the update arrives. And even if A Colossal Problem was spotted in the game files, it won’t be available until the next update finishes polishing its performance. With Fortifying ATLAS, defined as a community-wide event in Fallout 76, divided into two parts, there are lots of stuff to keep players occupied as they work together on the current Project: Alpha. 

Update 21 also introduces lots of bug fixes for the game, including:

  •  bug fixes on items or opponent encounters (the screen locking when fighting against a Wendigo Colossus);
  • a fix to patching up exploits, such as the bow being able to be fired faster than intended;
  • some issues with CAMPs have now been solved.

It looks like Bethesda’s main focus was the new events, that are now ready to challenge players worldwide. The bug fixes, too, are essential for a better Fallout 76 experience. 

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