Fallout 76 Introduces a Fear System and a New Boss

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At its annual QuakeCon convention, the game studio Bethesda is launching a new boss event and a special fear system to the online Fallout 76. 

Fallout 76 might have just received the latest 21 update, but it seems that developers have more in store for the game. And even if the QuakeCon convention was moved to an online platform, it was still quite impressive. 

Fans enjoyed a sneak peek of what’ s about to come in Fallout 76, including a new enemy and a fear mechanic. Here is what you need to know. 

Fallout 76 Has Now a Fear System and a New Enemy: What to Expect

The QuakeCon convention isn’t just releasing news of Fallout 76. The online press showed more content for other games, too. However, Fallout 76 had a special boss showcase that presented a mighty opponent. 

QuakeCon offered us a glimpse of a boss fight event titled A Colossal Problem. Once Monongah mine has been destroyed, players will be able to access it to discover an 8-player instance where the new boss can be fought. 

The boss is an impressive Wendigo monster known as the Wendigo Colossus, and with 30,000 hit points, it’s quite the enemy to go up against. Besides the terrifying new enemy, other Wendigo minions are running around the underground world to make killing the boss a bit more challenging. 

Furthermore, Fallout 76 will also introduce a fear system in which the character won’t respond to the player’s control. When the giant boss lets out a piercing cry, the character’s fear will make them run away from the enemy for 2 to 3 seconds with their hands in the air. 

During that time, the character won’t be thinking at all of their self-preservation – only about running away from the Wendigo Colossus – so they might run into dangerous materials or over cliffs. 

With this new intriguing new Fallout 76 content, players will have to learn to work around the new fear system if they want to destroy the Wendigo boss. Fallout 76 is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 

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