Fall Guys Receives Sleek Gris Crossover Skin: Features, Availability, and Price


The Fall Guys’ list of crossover skins grows with the news that Mediatonic has introduced a new costume. 

Fall Guys has added tons of content since arrival, and while new gameplay mechanics and mini-games have been fleshing things out for the game-show battle royale, the crossover skins are the best.

Now we get the chance to enjoy a new skin, based on the praised indie platformer Gris. Here is what you need to know.

Gris Crossover Details

Fall Guys is known for its unusual content, but the latest seems like a particularly odd choice. Aside from that, both are published by Developer Digital, and the two could hardly be more distinct tone-wise.

Gris is an emotionally and artistically game where we’re encouraged to take most things slowly. On the other hand, Fall Guys is about a non-ending challenge as a madcap rush for the crown.

Regardless of such differences, Mediatonic has teamed up with developer Nomada Studios to introduce Gris to Fall Guys with novel skin than allows us to adorn our characters with Gris (only the protagonist) fantastic blue hair. 

Availability and Price Tag

As far as crossover skins work, it might be a bit simple compared to the skin that allows us to dress as Chell from Portal. But that argument is more in keeping with Gris’ minimalist and genuine art style. 

Unfortunately for those interested, the skin won’t be available for long. It will leave the Crown Store this Tuesday (September 29). The skin costs 10 crowns, which is a bit pricey considering that Fall Guys’ crowns can only be earned via winning final rounds and grinding out a season’s Battle Pass. 

If you miss out on getting the new Gris skin, don’t worry because odds are there will be more crossover skins. Mediatonic has introduced a few since it released Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is now available for PS4 and PC users.

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