Facebook Messenger Lite Version Improves Stability And Comes with New Fixes

Facebook Messenger (or just Messenger) is one of the most popular instant messaging services of all time.

The service was initially only available on iOS and Android as a derivative of Facebook’s built-in messaging service. However, over time it was ported to other platforms, and ultimately, Facebook launched a dedicated site for it.

The service is extremely useful as it allows for reliable messaging, file sharing, audio and video calls, and more.

Messenger Lite is a simpler version of the app that can run on less capable devices.


There are many reasons why you would want to install Facebook Messenger Lite. First of all, it only needs below 10MB to download.

It is very efficient when it comes to data – It loads quick, runs smoothly, and uses less mobile data than full-fledged Messenger.

Also, it works nearly everywhere. The fact that it’s less data-hungry makes it usable even in areas where reception is poor.

Messenger Lite lets you message anyone on Messenger, Facebook, or Facebook Lite.

Latest Version

The app reached version It’s incredible to see how many updates it has received over time.

The app’s latest version adds an extra layer of reliability by addressing minor issues experienced by various users.

To update the app, either have your device connected to the internet on a reliable network (like home Wi-Fi) and turn on auto-updates or manually update it.

We recommend that you keep auto-update on at all times, so you don’t have to manually check if your apps are up to date and potentially miss out on new features.

Make sure that you download updates for your apps from a safe source, like your phone’s built-in app market (Google Play or Apple App Store), to avoid contacting malware or viruses.

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