Facebook Messenger Comes With Improvements For Stability And Performance

Facebook remains the most popular social media network out there, despite its many privacy-related scandals. With about 2.5 billion active users from all over the world, Facebook is the behemoth of social networks. Also, Facebook Messenger is as popular as Facebook is.

Just now, Facebook Messenger rolled out with some improvements for stability and performance, along with several bug fixes. Besides these enhancements, the new updated for Android’s version of the Messenger doesn’t bring new features.

About Facebook Messenger

At first, Facebook rolled out on Android, containing the chat function inside the application. Over time, Facebook decided to create a standalone app for the chat functions of Facebook. That’s when Facebook Messenger appeared with more features than just chatting.

With Facebook Messenger, users can send instant messages, react to other’s messages, share images, videos, and documents, leave voice mails to contacts, send or receive voice and video calls for free, share location, engage in discussions with businesses, play games, and many more.

Facebook Messenger is for mobile devices running Android and iOS what the Messenger function is for the web-based version of Facebook. Both are complex messaging and chatting systems that offer users everything they need to keep in touch with their Facebook contacts.

Besides, Facebook Messenger can also handle SMS, so you can set it app to receive SMS while you can also use it to send SMS to your contacts.

What’s New in Facebook Messenger

The latest Facebook Messenger update for Android doesn’t come with new features or visual changes. It only brings some under the hood enhancements.

Accordingly, the new Facebook Messenger version only comes with performance and stability improvements and some bug fixes. The Facebook Messenger release is already available to download from Google Play Store, so you might be wanting to update to keep up with the latest modifications.

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