Facebook Is Working on New Features

With more than 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world.

Despite its popularity, the company is continuously working on new features that can enhance the experience for new, current, and older users. Many fans are looking forward to some changes that could improve the experience on smartphones.

According to a reliable source, Facebook is working on a dark mode feature. This seems quite likely, especially if we take into account the fact that Android 10 offers a system-wide version. There has been no official announcement at this point, but it would not be a surprise.

Some users have uploaded screenshots of what seems to be the Facebook app with dark mode activated. The screenshots were shared on a popular tech platform, and they are entirely credible. It is essential to highlight the fact that the feature was activated automatically when the app was launched.

Facebook Is Working on New Features

Several similar posts were encountered among other platforms, but it seems that the new feature is limited to Android devices at this point.

Other sources argue that Facebook is also working on a new Favorites featured that could be similar to the Close Friends feature offered by Instagram. The Favorites feature will allow users to share stories with a handful of curated friends and relatives that can be added manually to a list.

At this point, users will have the option to add up to friends to list, and the Facebook algorithm will recommend some users automatically. When the user shares a post or story via the favorites list, the update will be shown in the Messenger thread, allowing the others to view the story automatically.

The feature will be quite popular among some users since they can see exciting updates without the need to browse stories posted by other friends. It remains to be seen when the new Facebook updates will be released.

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