Facebook Introduces Unique Meme-Making App for iOS Only

Facebook might want to everybody’s favorite with its latest release. A meme-creating app exclusively by Facebook is introducing a new era of expressing ourselves.

Memes are known as funny, cute, yet useful ways of showing someone how you feel or think. Also, the creative images succeeded in impressing everybody along time, and you can found them on every social media website and more.

Whale is a meme-creating app available right now for Canadian users. The app is still under development, but a few details have been released. For example, the Dubbed Whale will allow you to choose your favorite photo, then add some effects. It also has a lot of filters, font, and emojis, and promises to let you have fun big time.

Facebook Introduces Unique Meme-Making App for iOS Only

Moreover, you can use a free-form drawing tool, a very innovative option that allows you to edit photos as you want. If you’re going to make unique, personalized stickers, Dubbed Whale has an excellent crop feature. Your creativity results could be shared directly on your Facebook account, WhatsApp, message threads, or Instagram.

The so-called Whale app was noticed on App Store by a US intelligence firm, Apptopia. A Facebook spokesperson, however, released shortly after that a statement about the app. New Product Experimentation (NPE) developers are continually helping the company in exploring as many new features as needed for all the users. Facebook explained how important the NPE team is going to be for their upcoming projects.

As the official post reads, they “decided to use this separate brand name to help set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE Team apps will change very rapidly and will be shut down if we learn that they’re not useful to people.” Facebook and NPE have also brought an app called Aux, a live school radio app, and Bump, a local community chat.

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