Facebook Brings Up Messenger Rooms, and Says it’s Trust-Worthy

The coronavirus lockdown gave a lot of ideas to tech companies on how to please their customers as much as possible. People tend to rely on technology more than ever during these harsh times for all of us, whether it comes to gaming or video calling apps. Work and school can also be done through apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, and many more. But for the list of above-mentioned apps, Facebook brings its new Messenger Rooms app that allows an incredible maximum number of participants for a video call: 50.

No Facebook account required for Messenger Rooms

There are still some people around the world who don’t want to use the social network offered by Facebook. Their reasons are endless, but they can also take advantage of the new Messenger Rooms app offered by Facebook.

But as Facebook aims to rival Zoom with its new app, we can see how things unfolded for the service offered by the company headquartered in San Jose: after a significant increase in usage due to a lot of people staying at home because of the ongoing pandemic, hackers disrupted meetings and classes, even shouting racial insults and promoting images forbidden for minors.

Stan Chudnovsky, who is the head of Facebook Messenger, declared that Messenger Rooms won’t have such issues when it’s rolled out: “We are definitely very secure and encrypted, from the client to the server and from the server to another client.”

He further explained that the app is “not accessible by hackers any more than it can be accessed by anybody else when you are using your email”. However, Chudnovsky acknowledged that the app lacks end-to-end encryption. Those who can’t wait to get their hands on Messenger Rooms won’t have long to wait. The app offered by Facebook will roll out globally in the upcoming several weeks.

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