Face ID Fix Improves Device Unlocking When Wearing Masks

The Face ID unlocks system present on a large number of new iPhone devices has been quite popular among users as it allows them to unlock their device instantly by looking at it.

However, there is a small hitch. To work as expected, the sensor mounted on the front of the device has to scan your eyes, nose, and mouth. As many people were masks due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, the functionality of the feature has been affected, and Apple decided to tackle the issue.

Emergency fix

A new update was released yesterday, and it comes with an essential fix that will improve the quality of life for iPhone users. After the update is installed, you will no longer need to attempt to scan your face several times before the option to enter your passcode will be offered.

When the first Face ID scan fails, users will be able to swipe up on the bottom area of the device and enter their code to unlock their device or validate a purchase made with Apple Pay. Users can also skip the scan process completely and perform the swipe gesture to input the passcode instead.

How to disable Face ID

If you wish to disable Face ID and use the passcode by default, go to the Settings app on your device and search for the Face ID & Passcode section. Input your passcode, and you will have the option to disable iPhone Unlock via Face ID.

It is also possible to disable the requirement of Face ID for certain tasks, including Apple Pay. It is worth noting that if you opt to do so, you will have to enter your passcode to confirm purchases.

The recent iOS update includes a new contact tracing protocol that can be used for the development of apps that allow people to test themselves for coronavirus or learn if they were near someone who is infected.

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