Ex-Sony Dev Wants to Make a PC Game Inspired by Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon are two of the most iconic franchises released for Nintendo consoles, and many PC players have wanted to enjoy a similar title on their devices. A significant announcement has been made by a developer who worked for Sony and who plans to release a title inspired by the franchises for the PC.

A former Sony dev wants to make a PC game inspired by Animal Crossing

The developer worked for Sony and another game studio in the last decade and stated that he wanted to make a game that offers a relaxed gameplay experience that doesn’t involve intense action sequences.

Hokko Life will offer players the chance to build their own homes and establish a town filled with life. Personalization is an essential aspect of the game, and the developer promised the ability to customize clothing and furniture according to their wishes.

Here are some of the features highlighted in the official announcement: “Collect useful materials
Go to the forest and turn the trees into valuable words. Search for useful resources and mine them with the help of a trusty pickaxe. Take the resources to town and use them to refine materials that can be used to make a variety of useful items.

Unleash your creativity

Use the collected materials to craft a rich selection of items. Harness the power of the advanced editor to create spectacular furniture that will turn your house into a beautiful home. Grab brushes and a variety of pains to bring the town to life with colorful buildings, interiors, and even clothes. Design impressive clothing that could be a hit among villagers.

Farming and fishing

Convert the prosperous farm into impressive gardens where you can grow beautiful vegetables and juicy fruits. While the plants grow, you can go to several fishing spots and try your luck with the rod.
The game comes with a modest system requirement and should be released in the following months.

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