Edge Finally Beats Chrome? Microsoft’s Browser Brings Killer Feature

Microsoft Edge already has some important features that sets it apart from Chrome, and one of them is represented by better privacy settings. The less consumption of resources is another worth-mentioning aspect, but the list will get a little longer pretty soon.

Microsoft itself has revealed that it has big plans for its Edge browser, as an interesting update is on the way. The improved Edge will be less demanding with your PC’s battery life and memory.

Don’t miss the Sleeping Tabs

Just as the moniker suggests, the Sleeping Tabs allow inactive background tabs to take a break from consuming system resources. The resources include both memory and CPU and can further be used for other tasks that are running on your computer.

The Sleeping Tabs will be using 29 percent less CPU power, and you certainly can’t overlook this aspect. Microsoft also announces that the resource savings will also grant a much better battery life for the laptop or desktop computer.

Microsoft’s Eleanor Huynh declared:

Although individual device performance varies depending on configuration and usage, we expect the decrease in resource and battery usage to create a better browsing experience for users,

Microsoft didn’t mention a release date, but this statement says it all:

We are in the process of deploying this feature, so it may be a little while before you see it in your respective channel and build.

Microsoft Edge arrived back in 2015, and it was preinstalled on Windows 10. However, although the good old Windows 7 is outdated forever, it can also run Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge was initially seen as an alternative to Internet Explorer, the browser that it once was the only option for most of us. However, Edge is now seen by many tech specialists as a suitable alternative to Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser.

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