EA Origin Tips: How To Fix The “Games Not Appearing” Error

EA Origin is an exciting and compelling platform for hosting games, and it was developed by EA. Even though the online gaming service is receiving enough attention from its developers, any app and online service these days have flaws.

With developers and programmers struggling to bring to the world the best games, there’s always good to know what online sources do we have for getting desired titles for our gaming rigs. Despite what some people believe, the world doesn’t end with Steam or Epic Games Store.

Many users had been complaining that they cannot find some games anymore in their library from EA Origin, and fixing the issue is not hard at all if you pay enough attention to several steps.

How To Fix The “Games Not Appearing” Error In EA Origin

Although it may sound complicated, it’s not at all rocket science. Start by logging out of your Origin account and logging back in. Find the option for clearing the cache, and next, you’ll have to perform a clean boot for Origin’s software client:

  • Press the Windows key and the R button for opening the RUN program
  • Type in ‘msconfig’ and hit ‘Enter’
  • From the dialog box that has opened, click the ‘General’ tab
  • Select ‘Selective Startup’
  • Uncheck the Load startup items box
  • Open the Services tab
  • Check the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option from the bottom of the tab
  • Select ‘Disable all’
  • After completing the above steps, restart your PC for implementing the changes

After these 9 simple steps, you should once again log out of your EA Origin account and log in once more. Even EA suggests that the simple fact of clearing cache and making a clean boot shall solve the problem of games not appearing in your Origin library.

What other reliable methods could you possibly have at your disposal? Feel free to enjoy your EA Origin games!

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