Dota Underlords Update Marks The Official Start Of The First Season

The ever-expanding auto battler genre has a new competitor in the form of Dota Underlords. Valve’s foray into the new video game genre comes with a few changes to the classic recipe but retains all the elements which made the original Dota 2 mod a hit.

While other video game developers decided to offer their version as a part of other popular games, Valve decided to opt for standalone versions for both the PC and mobile clients.

The mobile version of the game was developed from the ground up to deliver an impressive gameplay experience on mobile devices.

Players will have to recruit heroes and upgrade them, while also taking into account the composition of the team and the best strategy that can be used to become the last one standing at the end of the match. Build a powerful gang that can withstand any damage and decimates the opposition in a few seconds to reign supreme in the arena.

Dota Underlords Update Marks The Official Start Of The First Season

Compete against players on both smartphones and PCs thanks to a robust crossplay protocol that keeps your account safe. Switch between the devices according to your wish and finish a match on a different device if needed. The player profile is synchronized automatically across all devices, and your data is safe.

Take advantage of the impressive server infrastructure, which ensures that every match can be played in a seamless manner, without lag or annoying interruptions.

Showcase your skills by defeating the other players and climb on the ladders in ranked mode. Gather friends and compete against each other with the help of private lobbies and matches. Share the show with other people by using the convenient spectate mechanic.

Enjoy matches even if an internet connection is not available with the help of built-in online play and several bot difficulties. The new Dota Underlords update marks the introduction of the officially first season, and the transition to a stable build as the beta is over.

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