DOOM Eternal Multiplayer Gameplay Unveiled

Recent video displays the gameplay from DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode, a chaotic death battle that shows two demons facing a fully-kitted Doomslayer. The video is 12-minutes long, and the multiplayer gameplay is unveiled. It appears like a fun yet fast experience.

Detailed to players back in 2019 as “the ultimate power fantasy” and arriving as a sequel to the wonders of the much-praised 2016 installment, DOOM Eternal was postponed until March 2020. The most recent trailer of the game showcased new opponents such as the Gladiator or the Marauder.

New weaponry such as The Crucible, handled by the Doomslayer, was introduced as an upgrade. The bright red sword is thought to consume vast amounts of demonic power. It had also proved its effectiveness when the Doomslayer handled it to slice opponent limbs extremely fast.

DOOM Eternal’s Multiplayer Features

According to the last YouTube video posted by IGN, players can watch twelve minutes of fantastic content. Introducing three players in a chaotic death battle, DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer is dubbed Battlemode and requires the Doomslayer to fight two demons. The Doomslayer is a fully upgraded and equipped out variant of the character.

Hugo Martin, the game director, explained how such an improvement would balance the opponents effortlessly. You can watch the full video below. Martin had also said that there are many “pro strategies” players can use to fight their enemies. Also, as powerful as it might be the Doomslayer, nothing compares to a team’s work, so playing as a multiplayer has lots of benefits.

For example, if the demons are dead at the same time, one will be quickly resurrected. The demons can block the Doomslayer from getting loot after glory shoots. Such a thing could lead to the player losing out all of its health or ammo when needed most. As for the game’s annoying delay, players will soon find out whether DOOM Eternal is the real deal or not.

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