Discord Introduces AI Based Noise Cancellation Tech to Mobile Apps

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Discord is one of the most praised VoIP apps so far. Although it’s mainly focused on offering to gamers’ various features, the service is also used by a lot of people for many purposes. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to rely more on Discord. To support users, even more, Discord introduced noise cancellation tech to its desktop apps. 

Now, the devs are adding the tech to mobile apps, too. The new functionality is available on both iOS and Android for free. Here is what you need to know. 

Discord New Feature Details and Settings

Discord’s new addition makes the app one of the first mobile apps out there to introduce such a feature, and the devs highlighted some methods for users to use the functionality in their voice calls. 

The easiest method is to just tap on the sound wave icon that pop-ups while you’re in an audio call. If you want the functionality to remain activated by default, so you don’t have to set it again anytime you’re on a call, you can head to Settings and enable it. 

It should be noted that Discord’s new noise cancellation tech is currently in beta. Such a thing means that we should expect some bugs and issues within the app. However, Discord will undoubtedly solve the problems in time for a final noise cancellation version release in the coming months. 

You can download the Discord app on the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or from the App Store for iOS. 

Discord Best Features So Far

Discord is now one of the leading chat platforms that allow you to:

  • enjoy special Discord integrations;
  • control the notifications;
  • use server folders;
  • set up hotkeys;
  • install bots;
  • edit voice processing settings;
  • enable the two-factor authentication;
  • enjoy a developer mode;
  • use chat commands.

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