Diablo 4’s Barbarian, Druid, and Sorceress Classes Skills

The recent news about Diablo 4’s playable classes had resurfaced at the BlizzCon 2019 event. Players will have to choose between Barbarian, Druid, and Sorceress characters. BlizzCon offered players to try them out and find the characters’ skills. Here are the complete details of each playable classes, until Diablo 4’s other changes.


Barbarian comes as a fierce, compelling character, which handles four weapons in the melee combats. It can attack rapidly, with boosted attack speed after a while; also, it can slash and strike its enemies. Barbarian uses the ‘Hammer of the Ancients,’ a weapon which can cause a lot of ground damage. Players can also try attacks such as a double swing, whirlwind, or upheaval. For its defensive, Barbarian uses a ‘Rallying Cry,’ which involves shouting, and it allows allies to be unstoppable.

Moreover, the skill can boost movement and speed, decreasing the damage done. The Challenging Shout can grow players’ defenses and tease when they’re close to enemies. Other abilities include, ‘Undying Rage,’ which allows players to kill an enemy in five seconds, reviving themselves shortly after, and ground stomping.

As for brawling, Barbarian uses a ‘War Cry,’ leap, and kick, and weapons mastery such as ‘Death Blow,’ ‘Primal Axe,’ or ‘Rupture.’

Other skills include’Wrath of the Berseker,’ ‘Iron Maelstrom,’ and ‘Call of the Ancients.’


Sorceress is a character who uses magic and fight enemies from afar. The Sorceress can use the Bolt to fire it, frost it, or lightning, and even arc lash. For final damage, the character can use charged bolts, incineration, ice shard, fireballs, or some frozen orbs.

The Sorceress masters meteors, firewalls, and novas. Moreover, it uses ice armor, teleport, blizzard, and flame shield for defense.


The Druid skills involve hybrid magic, and it can control beasts and turn into one. The character can use earth spikes, storm strikes, wind shears, and it can turn into a werebear and maul enemies. The Druid utilizes trample, earthen bulwark, ravenous bite, cyclone armor, and debilitating roar as a defense. Vine creeper, wolves, and ravens will appear as character’s companions. Other skills include Grizzly rage, cataclysm, and petrifying.

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