Diablo 4 Release Date And Other Details, According To Rumors And Leaks

Blizzcon 2019 was the event that brought Diablo 4 from Activision Blizzard into the light. Fans are waiting for Diablo 4 for some good time by now, and the reveal at the event was full of details, a new and massive world for exploring new classes, plus the player versus player combat. Even if everyone has given some anticipated dates for the release, the company announced officially that the game is happening, but no concrete date is available yet.

Diablo 4 Release Date

Activision Blizzard is secretive when it comes to its projects; so many, many details are hidden. Diablo 3 is still a questionable game for many fans, even with all the improvements added through time.

So, in this case, maybe it’s normal that Blizzard is taking more care with the next game, Diablo 4. Besides this, if we go back in time, two years ago, at Blizzcon 2018, the company revealed Diablo Immortal. Blizzard was disappointing fans at that point again, because no word of Diablo 4 was spoken.

However, last year was quite satisfying when everyone got the confirmation about Diablo 4. The game is still in the development phase, but we can guess some things until the final project. The game will be a big one, having a big world for exploring.

More About Diablo 4

For playing Diablo 4, you need a permanent connection on the Internet, so always online. Another feature of Diablo 4 is the player versus player mode added. Taking about the big world, players will discover more than 100 cities in the game, dungeons, and other areas.

Drawing to a close, for Diablo 4, the company is making a lot of effort and changes. Rod Ferguson joined the team for the Diablo franchise. However, from Luis Barriga, the game director, we find out that we won’t see Diablo 4 so soon. If Diablo 4 will have the same pattern as Diablo 3, then maybe we could see the game in around four years.

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