Diablo 3 and the Best Item Sets: What Should You Try

diablo 3

Diablo 3 is one of the most praised games that offer players a run for their money. And, of course, some fantastic sets to collect along the way. 

The Diablo franchise never fails to leave players on the edges of their seats. The series is full of action, role-playing, and slashing. 

The newest Diablo in the mix, is Diablo 3, a game that introduces players in an incredible but dark setting. Luckily, some item sets can make the players’ journey less harsh. Here are the best item sets, guaranteed to change the way you play Diablo 3. 

Aughild’s Authority

The Aughild’s Authority item set changes every time. The unique set always comes with six random items, but four are always primary, while the rest are secondary. 

The whichever character builds the items gets bonuses such as skills and critical damage when fighting. The bonuses will be available with other item sets. 

Might of The Earth

Might of The Earth includes four armor pieces, which are the Spires Of The Earth, the Weight Of The Earth, The Pull Of The Earth, and The Eyes Of The Earth. 

The barbarian benefits from the Might of The Earth because he’s the only one who can collect the bonuses from this set. Any character class, however, can wear it. 

Hallowed Protectors

The Hallowed Protectors item set includes seven armor pieces, one shield, and six different weapons. All character classes can hold a weapon and a shield, too. 

If players are Barbarian or Monk, they can hold an ax and a weapon. Also, the blacksmith makes the Hallowed Protectors set after reaching level 12.

Thorns of The Invoker

The Thorns of The Invoker comes with four armor pieces that never fail to help players. The armors are the Pride Of The Invoker, the Shackles Of The Invoker, the Burden Of The Invoker, and the Crown Of The Invoker. 

Any class character can wear the Burden Of The Invoker. The melee characters benefit a lot from the Thorns of The Invoker set because it helps them damage Thorns. 

Asheara’s Uniform

Players will get instant bonuses if they collect all of the materials for Asheara’s Uniform. The blacksmith, for instance, can make this item set only after players show him how. 

This item set won’t advance over time, even if players reach higher levels. So, it’s best if used at the lowest levels. 

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