Dead Or Alive 6: How Can You Change Hair Colors of the Characters

Dead Or Alive 6 is a great way to get your fighting skills stimulated in a game. Being around for quite a while, the game was released for the regular platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But now, the developer Team Ninja brings along the new 1.20 update that allows players to change hair colors for their characters. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, the update also brings some bad news. Only PS4 players will get the privilege to change the hair colors for their characters. Team Ninja confirmed that the new update won’t be available for fans of Dead Or Alive 6 who are playing it on PC and Xbox One.

It’s not free

Changing the hair colors of your chosen character is such a magnificent upgrade for any game, therefore it cannot be free of charge. One hair dye for your chosen character will cost only $1, and you need a Premium Ticket for it first.

To convince yourselves more that changing the hair of Dead Or Alive 6 characters is no different than changing your hair in reality, you must bear in mind that the game will charge you money every time you want a new color for the hair. At first, players couldn’t believe their eyes that changing your hair in Dead Or Alive 6 can be so expensive, and they thought it’s just a bug. At further documentation, they found out from a community forum the harsh news: having to pay money each time you change your hair in the game is not a bug nor bad joke. It’s a terrible reality.

You shouldn’t be mad at Team Ninja for charging money to those willing to get their hands on the update. Nobody likes to wear the same hair color. It costs money if you change it in reality, so it should also cost money if you change it in a video game.

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