Cross-generation Games Will Hold Back the Next-Gen Consoles

Microsoft and Sony are hard at work on the next generation of video game consoles, which promise a rich package of new features and performance improvements that will elevate gaming to new heights.

Developers are already coding games for the upcoming consoles, but a significant amount of time will have to pass until they are able to take full advantage of the increased power to deliver better-looking games.

The major roadblock in the development of visually-impressive games for the new consoles is represented by the fact that the current generations continue to have a lot of steam in it. And publishers know it better than anyone else.

Stuck between generations

A quick look at some of the trailers which have been released recently will showcase the disparity between the promises made by Sony and Microsoft and what the users wil get when the first titles are released.

Some publishers are already lowering the future expectation titles. For example, Microsoft stated several times that the Xbox Series X would be able to play games at 4K@60FPS, while the highest limit will be 4K@30FPS. However, Ubisoft has already stated that Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will run at 4K@30FPS on the Xbox Series X. citing the will to deliver an immersive cinematic decision as to the primary reason.

The promise of the future

It is likely that publishers will continue to release cross-gen titles for the foreseeable future. After all, people will have to buy the new generation of consoles at launch, but millions of PS4 and Xbox One units are already spread across the world and ready for use.

No company would renounce the possibility of selling a few million additional copies on the current generation of consoles to focus exclusively on the development of the next-generation titles, especially since the coronavirus pandemic may affect the willingness of potential buyers to buy a new console when they already have one at home.

True next-generation titles should be available from 2023 onward.



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