COVID-19 Patients Critically Ill are Recovering Quickly Due to New Treatment

Despite the fact that the daily number of infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is soaring in specific parts of the world, scientists are making significant progress in the development of both vaccine and treatment. From a total of over 18 million people that caught the novel coronavirus, about 11.4 million had been recovered.

It turns out that critically ill patients who suffered from COVID-19 were recovered in only three days by using a new drug, which is a synthetic form of a natural peptide.

RLF-100 enters the scene

The new miraculous drug is RLF-100, which is also known as aviptadil. Geneva-based Relief Therapeutics Holdings AG RFLB.S already has a patent for the drug, and it shall be produced soon in the US. For that matter, U.S.-Israeli NeuroRx Inc will be working together with Relief.

Doctors from Houston Methodist Hospital have done the first report for recovery due to RLF-100. A 54-year-old man who caught COVID-19 came off a ventilator in less than four days of treatment with the new drug.

Countries like Colombia, India, Japan, South Africa, Spain, and others are dealing with an increase for the daily number of infected people with COVID-19. However, there’s a bit of hope in the case of the United States that things have started to become a little better. For the last 24 hours, the country reported 49,038 infections. While this number is huge, it’s actually the lowest number the US registered since about a month ago. The States had the highest record on July 24, when 78,407 people were infected. The most affected state remains California with over 515,000 infections and almost 9,400 deaths. The next most affected state is Florida, as it counts about 487,000 infected people and a death toll of more than 7,000 patients. The luckiest states are Wyoming, Hawaii, and Vermont, as each of them has less than 3,000 infections since the pandemic started.

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